Rural / Primary Industries

SES Electrical can provide you with the following Rural and Primary Industry Services.

Programmed Maintenance Schedules

12 monthly service contracts to suit all industries.

Electrical projects division

Refurbishments to complete greenfield sites

Switchboard and control panel design and building

Design and construction of switchboards and control panels for automation, water management, control and integration

Thermal Imaging

Aid preventative maintenance with thermal imaging of electrical and mechanical systems

Dry Well Calibration

Thermostat and RTD sensor calibration

Power Monitoring

Power factor correction, load monitoring, voltage correction and maximum demand monitoring to reduce energy costs

Generator and Emergency Back up Supplies

Servicing and fault finding of generators, co ordination and integration of UPS systems

Motor Control

Circuitry to control and monitor motors in all situations

Conveyance Systems

Monitor and control of conveyors, belts and drives

PLC Controls

Wiring and connection of I/O and fault finding

Auto Transformer Starters

Connection and fault finding

Boiler Control

Fault finding of boiler control circuits

Production line Processing

Conveyor systems, multiple processing lines

Grain Handling Facilities

Grain elevator/drag chain installations and control

Industrial Fault Finding

All industry maintenance and service facilities

Service and maintenance of air de-humidification systems

SES provides installation, service and maintenance of dehumidification units for industry and government agencies

Service and maintenance of scientific laboratory equipment

SES provides service and maintenance to private and government controlled environments and testing laboratories